How to accomplish your goals.

We are generally frustrated at not being able to fulfil our purposes, we may come to feel that we are incompetent, it seems that nothing makes sense, that no matter how hard we strive and cannot achieve our goal. This happens because we don't have a focus, a clear vision of what we want, we do several things at once, we don't have a fixed course, and we get caught without a direction.

  1. Create an action plan so you can head in one direction.
  2. Set goals you can meet in the short term.
  3. If you're frustrated that you can't do your job, take a break, breathe and think very carefully about what you want to do.
  4. Focus on one action at a time.
  5. Don't push yourself too hard, everything has its time.
  6. Re-evaluate your goals.

Maybe what you've decided to do takes longer than anticipated, don't be discouraged! continue until you fulfil your goal.

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