Enjoying life.

Enjoying life

Look at the rain through the window.

A few days ago, as I sat in the living room, I saw the clear sky go clouding, the heat was waning, the wind started blowing hard, and the melody began. The drops of water falling from the sky touched the window in a tone with no apparent meaning, but gradually a harmony was engulfing the atmosphere and, I began to enjoy that moment.

It wasn't the first time it had rained, nor the first time I had sat by the window, but if it was the first time I left and stood still listening and listening in the hustle and bustle of the rain, time passed slowly and then came out of this lethargy because the sound of thunder was deafening.

And I started to think how many times these moments have passed, but I didn't enjoy them as I did in that instant. Why? The rhythm of life consumes me, despite seeking to minimize things in my life, I entertained myself by looking for how simple I forget the small and simple things that exist daily to enjoy, reading is an example of a good time, silence the same, but hearing and resting is too, as well as hearing the rainfall.

As time goes on we are alienating ourselves to the bustle of life, tasks to be delivered, an exam to pass, a job to which we can not miss and time our old ally becomes an enemy passing faster and faster.

The rhythm at which we engage numbs our senses and gets used to it, at first leaving great spaces between each other enjoyment, and then we are more ingrained and with our minds engaged in our goals that we completely forget to enjoy the small moments.

That turns inert entities to us, despite breathing, moving, seeing and thinking, we are slaves to our dreams, to our longings. Can seem to keep us alive, but it's quite the opposite because we forget what we were as children.

But while there is life, there is hope; because if one rediscovers the simpleness of life and enjoys it, the inert becomes active and we live again, to breathe to have such hope and joy that nothing can erase it.

Are you enjoying your life?


We like to complicate everything!

Enjoying life

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