Living minimal.

Living Minimal

  • I woke up and, when I opened my eyes I realized that everything looked impeccable, so clean and tidy, I felt relaxed, so much so that I didn't feel like getting out of bed. After my grooming, I felt fresh and clean, then I headed towards the kitchen, watched everything clean and illuminated they gave me desire to prepare delicious things. My mood has improved a lot. Make my favourite breakfast, banana oatmeal and nuts. Having tasted that delight, I went to the room where the sunlit up through the windows the new layout of the furniture, the bookseller and the walls, which are now free because of the things I removed.
  • A good reading starts with having a quiet and orderly place, in which my room has become, which makes my reading more pleasant.
  • When my work time came, I sat in front of my desk everything was naturally given and, I started writing this article, which flowed naturally, my fingers were sliding down the keyboard, and the words were popping up on the monitor.

I am pleased of having changed my lifestyle, am very satisfied with the results!

  • After declutter in these 30 days of minimalism, I have realized that I have more space in the house, it is cosier, having changed the colours of the house by a shade pure as white, I think it was a good choice, the lighting is much better, the electricity expenditure has been greatly reduced. Cleaning is easier, because having only the necessary furniture, everything is kept in order.
  • As for economics, I have set an amount for expenses and another amount for eventualities, holidays etc.
  • Consider what you need in your life and reduce it to the essentials. You don't need a certain number of things it, all depends on the need of each person.
Living minimal

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