A Routine For Your Brain

  • Sleep in time.

Good sleep increases creativity when the brain is resting, memory works perfectly, and the hippocampus, the storehouse of our memory, is restored by transforming short-term memory into long-term memory.

Sleeping less than seven or eight hours each night can lead to physical and mental wear and, memory does not work optimally. When you're tired you tend to be less productive at work, and sleep deficit can affect how you interact with others.

  • To Make the bed.

The keep your bed in order before starting the day, allows the mind to be clear, organized and can focus on planning the rest of the day, doing other important activities.

A discipline begins first thing in the morning, motivating you to start a productive day capable of making wise decisions.

  • Hydrate.

Beber water improves brain function, 80% of the brain is water and should be hydrated first thing in the day. When the brain becomes dehydrated, reasoning capabilities are affected. Other than drinking for at least 8 glasses of water a day reduces the risk of some form of cancer.

  • Clean your teeth with the opposite hand.

Brushing your teeth with the opposite hand helps stimulate the hemispheres of your brain, helping memory and cognitive functions. The opposite hand will give greater access to the functions of the right hemisphere: as feelings, intuition and creativity. The left hemisphere: like logic, language, writing, and reasoning.

  • Exercise.

Practice a physical activity prevents ageing of the body and mind.

You can practice cardio for 15 minutes that way you help your heartbeat, with each beat increasing the amount of blood pumped the heart, and it sends oxygenated blood to the brain, this helps keep it healthy.

A healthy heart, a healthy brain.

  • Drink tea.

Green tea improves the cognitive function of the brain, short-term memory, and information manipulation in a more efficient way. It helps your health, s managing cholesterol and weight loss.

  • Write a journal.

Writing is a good exercise that contributes to the development of cognitive functions. Handwriting drives intelligence because it requires all brain structures to work together and coordination.

Writing involves using the functions of the different brain lobes involved in it.

  • Eating healthy.

A complete and balanced diet will keep your body and mind healthy. Eating blueberries and avocado helps improve concentration, helping to improve the brain's capabilities.

  • Practice reading.

So good reading is, a valuable workout for brain development, it helps to maintain a better mood. The opposite is true of those people who do not practice this habit.

When you read, there is activated the visual cortex that processes information whose function is to perceive and decipher faces and objects that learn to interpret letters, words that over time automate those actions that form the basis of reading.

Remember to read a book once a week, as good reading protects your brain from cognitive decline, which results in degenerative brain disease.


A Routine for your brain

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