Building a Summer Capssule wardrobe

  1. Take all the clothes out of your closet:

It is a practical way to know how many pieces of clothing you own, have a better vision, be able to combine and use your entire wardrobe.

  1. Rearrange your closet:

Discuss what you're going to wear this season.

Choose neutral pieces that you can combine with everything.

Choose clothes that you can wear on special occasions, such as parties, meetings etc.

Create unique looks by combining your favourite pieces with the clothes you haven't worn yet.

  1. Choose your accessories:

Select accessories based on this season, pieces that make you feel comfortable, bring your outfits to life using different types of materials, mixing with each other all your forgotten pieces, in this way give you a good opportunity to use all your saved jewellery.


  1. Choose your shoes:

Remove shoes that fit every rhythm of your day, make you feel comfortable, safe and attractive. Bring your outfits to life by daring to wear those shoes that are forgotten in your closet, make the most of your wardrobe, use your inspiration and creativity to reuse all your wardrobe.

  1. Choose your bag:

Select the bags you have stopped wearing, reuse them this season, play with the different shapes and colours of your bags, combine them with your new outfits, enjoy in this hot season, looking renewed and with their own style.

  1. Colour palette:



Flowered Printed.



Pink nude.



Yellow nude.


Summer colour palette


Shirt  dress.

Sleeve shirt dress.

Flowered printed dress.


High waist shorts.

Midi skirt.


Bermuda shorts.

Printed T-shirt

Ruffle sleeve blouse.

Fluid palazzo trousers.

Jean skirt.

Denim dress.

White top.

Maxi dress.

Fluid white blaze

Poplin dress.

White shirt.

Lacy top.

Blouse with ruffles.

Blouse off-shoulder.

Long satin dress.


Ankle boots.

Roman Sandals.

Flat Sandals.



Slim belt.

Belt chain.

Long necklace.

Short necklace.

Long earrings.

Circular earrings.

Small earrings.


Oversize glasses.

Oval glasses.

Butterfly sunglasses.


Crossbody bag.

Backpack bag.

Raffia bag.

Capsule summer wardrobe

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