Habits that transform your life

Practice the habit of listening allows you to deliver complete attention with your whole body to the person who needs to be taken into consideration and can feel valued by you.

When you pay attention to your five senses, you show the other side that you care, even if you don't understand what's talking about you, look at it head-on and arrange your ear, eye, mind, body and forget all the distractions around you and focus on the people in front of you or the one sitting next to you.

A person can tell you too much just by keeping their eyes fixed often words are not needed to be able to express themselves, the body can say a lot about a person when expressed through their body language.

Habits that transform your life


Love must be practised despite circumstances love should not be conditioned by anything.

If you confuse love with a feeling, that feeling is volatile, it's like going through your favourite store and at first glance you fall in love with a pair of shoes which look perfect inside and out, you got too excited, you didn't hesitate when buying them, you started using them a couple of times and you felt cute when you wore them, suddenly you started to notice that your heels were hurt, as the days went by you realized that they had more flaws than you'd like, you didn't like it like you used to, then another day you'd stop by somewhere else and turn your gaze and, there were the most beautiful shoes you've ever seen, and history repeats itself.

The feeling is as transient as seasonal shoes.

Love is not a feeling is a decision.

"Loving someone means seeing it as God wanted it to be" Fedor Dostoyevsky

Express and practice with your actions the habit of loving no matter what others think of you.

Habits for your life

Without forgiveness, there is only resentment and bitterness. Pride, anger cloud the view preventing forgiveness from happening.

Forgive means exculpating aggression or offence committed that when you remember that offence, it no longer hurts you like before, which doesn't negatively affect you. But it doesn't mean forgetting.

Don't let hateful thoughts or desires for revenge control your mind. Forgiveness cleanses and purifies your soul, freeing you from the bonds of resentment.
The practice of this habit will motivate you to live a calm, full life with a quiet conscience knowing that you are going the very good way.



Habits for your life


The habit of giving thanks to God by trusting him, putting things in his hands, knowing that he is in control of everything. In gratitude, you are expressing that you believe in him and that you believe that he will intervene in your life, in the situation you are going through. This is so much for whether you believe in God or not.

will lead you through the discouragement, you will feel broken if you get stuck in the bad things that have happened to you.

Giving thanks frees you from the heaviness of circumstances by preparing you to see in every problem an opportunity to make a difference, a new day a new life.

Appreciating your life, what you have and don't focus on what you don't have.

Habits that transform your life

Tackling conflicts:

Decide to deal with a negative issue you have with someone, and try to resolve it in the best way.

Many times people need to realize that they are making a mistake, they need to see things clearly, for this we resort to doing something that makes us uncomfortable and that we do not like at all, such as putting a stop to the other person and making them understand that what is happening we do not like.

This is not always necessary, but we must stop being afraid and face our fears, but always with kindness and respect, we must try to treat others in the same way that we would like to be treated.

Habits that transform your life

Building relationships:

Take the initiative to meet other people, deal with them, try to know them beyond superficiality, the prejudices that affect the construction of a relationship.

Relationships are important because every human being needs to be heard and listen to what others have to say.

Enough many people do not like you, it is normal, be yourself, in the world there will always be people who do not like you, but there will also be many people who like you, if something you have to change that is for you, because you need it and not for others.

Dare to take the first step to make a friendship with someone.

Habits that transform your life

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