The Habits

Happiness comes through a system of habits.

Habits are part of our lives every day everything we do is governed by, a series of habits that we already have.

To establish a habit, it must be put into practice to execute it in the right way, it is a proven fact that as we practice something, we will do it automatically. When we do the same thing over and over again after a certain time that will become a habit that will begin to develop with our willpower and dedication until we take the form we need.

There are good and bad habits that you can replace as you find a good practice that helps improve your life.

What happens while you change bad habits and good habits are introduced?

While your new practice is going to start to take shape, you can start to feel indisposed, you'll succumb to the "I'll do it tomorrow" or the classic "I start the other month without fail". As you let the days go by, your lack of constancy faults in the face of change.

To make a habit of our own, we must persevere and be able to use it for our purpose, to be ready to do what is required to be able to make each practice part of our lives.

Keep in mind that you have the decision-making power to put a bad practice behind and start forming your new healthy routine.

You are the only one who can exercise the best disciplines for your life.

The habits

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