Bad Habits

These bad habits must be left behind, and thus take a step to have a full life.

No, take advantage of this lockdown time to feed your bad habits, it must be the opposite, purify your mind and your body, declutter your bad habits.

  • Sleep late.
  • Waking Up late.
  • Not to eat meals on time.
  • Not exercising your body.
  • Smoke
  • Get drunk
  • Not keeping your house tidy.
  • Not maintaining proper personal grooming.
  • Feeding on junk food.
  • Walking in your pyjamas around the house.

Look at the bright side of things and think it's an opportunity to start over, to be a new version of yourself.

Remember that change has to come from you, from yourself, from your desire to be a better person.


The bad habits

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