Minimalistic capsule wardrobe for summer.

A simple, sober wardrobe that adapts 24 hours a day, with basic and versatile parts. The basic garments are foolproof to create unique and functional looks.

A simple wardrobe allows you, to make the most of each garment in your closet, it allows you to know what you have, therefore it will be easier when it comes to creating combinations.

The main thing is that we need to become aware, to realize how we are living our lives, what changes we are making to improve it.

A disorganized closet increases stress by making your life in complete chaos.

Don't waste your time deciding you're going to wear, or trying on clothes you don't even like. Save time and money by dressing with a simple, temporary wardrobe that doesn't go out of style, that fits your needs.

"Remember that every day already has its eagerness."

Minimalistic capsule wardrobe for summer

Items you need

  • Little black dress
  • White long sleeve shirt
  • Denim dress
  • High waist trousers
  • Black jean
  • Cotton blue trousers
  • White T-shirt
  • Black T-shirt
  • White blouse
  • Black cotton jacket
  • Nude shorts
Capsule Wardrobe for summer


  • Ankle boot high heel
  • Sports footwear

You can choose two shoes that make your feel comfortable and fit your day today.

Minimalistic summer wardrobe


  • Chain necklace
  • Long Necklace
  • Simple Rings
  • Sunglass
  • Black belt



  • Crossbody bag

Use reversible accessories, which have two forms of use. You can also use your creativity to give your accessories a new usage view.

Minimalistic capsule wardrobe for summer

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